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Surrender Jackets

November 30th, 2007

Arriving yesterday at FUSShop HQ was the Winter wear from Surrender. Including 3 new Jackets.

Varsity, M65 & Helicopter.

They are some of the most well made Jackets that I’ve ever seen. Made in London, no expense spared to create such a Quality range.

The pick of the Bunch is the Varsity Jacket, It has a Black Wool Body, Black Leather Arms & 2-Tone Chenille ‘S’ Letter on a Double Back Felt Layer.

It’s the small embroidered detail that sets this Jacket apart from others. Go and check out the other Jackets at FUSShop. The photos just don’t do this range justice…

New from D-Face

November 30th, 2007

The Street Art Scene is a big as it has ever been, and looks like there is no sign of stopping it!!

At 11am (BST) this morning The Black Rat Press released new work from the Artist D-Face, including the Green Lady (Edtn of 75) & United State of America (edtn of 200)

They SOLD OUT in literally 4 Minutes if not quicker!

If you missed out on this one because you had no idea it was going to happen the check out the Banksy Forum for all the latest news and gossip…

UNKLE Interview…

November 27th, 2007

Beinghunted caught up with James Lavelle & Richard File to Talk about their latest album, life in general, and the dark places they have been since Never, Never Land.

Find out some more about the man behind the brand Surrender

Crooks & Castles at FUSShop

November 22nd, 2007

Arriving Yesterday at FUSShop was the Holiday Collection from Crooks & Castles. After opening the boxes, steaming the T-Shirts, Taking the photos, photoshopping them & Building the pages for the site, they are finally on-line. it was definitely worth the wait as this Season Crooks have really stepped it up.

The pick of the T-Shirts and already certain to be a best seller, is “War Hall’s Grenade” T-Shirt. Based on The Famous Campbell’s Soup Print By Andy Warhol, The Crooks have put their own slant on the classic design. Grab one in your size now before they sell out.

See the rest of the collection HERE

T-shirts Voting !

August 24th, 2007

iloveyourtshirt voting party

It’s time to voting for the best t-shirt in the iloveyouthirt gallery !

Choose one or five hearts for the best tshirt you like !

iloveyourtshirt button badges

August 8th, 2007

Since this Monday, every #100 tee posted at iloveyourtshirt receive one of those badges.

iloveyourtshirt button badges

If you want to buy one, send me an email.

RSS FEED > little update

May 16th, 2007

Dear tshirt addicts,

Please update your iloveyourtshirt RSS link to this new RSS FEED.



March 3rd, 2007

Ultra limited deitch hoodies available there for a few days ! (it’s a secret site that isn’t posted publicly yet, only for our reader !)

Nature is cruel,

January 31st, 2007

“She taught us that we have to kill to survive. And even when I don’t buy meat for dinner, I always fell guilty when I am chopping lettuce with my knife.

It’s not because it doesn’t scream that it doesn’t feel the pain. Anyway, I decided to try to consume only products approved by animal welfare. Animals deserve a better life than the one our bioindustry offers them now. I asked leather crafter Eliane Magalhães, who hates machines and makes everything with her hands, to design with me a leather bag approved by animal welfare.

Since nowadays you can easily buy eco meat at the supermarket, it should be easy to buy eco leather as well, right? Wrong.

It was impossible to find it. It does not exist in Holland. Chefs already have the choice to cook eco meat, So isn’t it time that we designers get the same right?”

Bea Correa, Mind What You Wear

u love our tshirt

August 23rd, 2006

We just open our shop called “u love our tshirt“, check it tout !
Some really funky t-shirt is on the road … stay tuned …

Skwak at Scion

August 23rd, 2006

Skwak just back from Los Angeles.

You can see the “Archive” exhibition (organised by Scion and Beautiful/Decay) at Scion, with Friends with you, Aya Kato and Jesse Ledoux !

Claudio Marino

July 7th, 2006

We just received the picture of Claudio “in da pose” (Winner of the Summer contest 2005).

Spraygraphic Apparel™

June 28th, 2006

Come one, come all! Spraygraphic Apparel™ is inviting you to become our next Guest Thinker…

Submit your ideas for a Thought Provoking™ story… the winning story will come to life in a Spraygraphic-designed t-shirt to be added to our collection and scooped up by the masses !

You will be launched into t-shirt fame and become the envy of all of your friends. Your signature, along with your title and story, will be printed inside of the shirt as part of the Spraygraphic tag. Unbelievable !

All stories must include a title and a short story/commentary that is 30 words or less (NO PICTURES PLEASE, WE WANT A STORY!!!). Email your submissions to hello@spraygraphic.com by July 15, 2006.

Chuck, Spraygraphic

Reminder : .net & .com

June 28th, 2006

Hi everyone,

Some changes have occured for a better organisation of the website. For technical reasons, we ve had to split the website in two .

Iloveyourtshirt.com will lead you straight to our blog, Iloveyourtshirt.net will lead you to the gallery you are used to.

Keep on visiting and posting you pictures.



Badboyben at highsnobiety

June 23rd, 2006

Go ahead and read the interview with badboyben !

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