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August 6th, 2007

Clinton, HeadHoods :

HeadHoods all started while drinking what I think was an abnormally good cup of coffee while designing at a low paying yet prestigious graphic design position in New York City.


It was cold out and I was probably wearing the ever so popular blazer / hooded sweatshirt combo and was thinking to myself “the hood, what an unutialized piece of fabric” and then suddenly thought to myself.

“well wouldn’t it be interesting if somebody printed a proportional profile of a face on the hood of a sweatshirt?, It would almost be like putting on another identity when you walked to work or went about your daily business.”


Working and living in New York City, sadly enough it is all about ones identity. So I ran with the idea of HeadHoods and am in the process of having a lot of fun with it. I personally love how this particular concept of clothing interacts with the public.


While working a full time job designing book jackets (another low paying job) and playing alot of music (a non paying job), I also run a clothing line and that clothing line is called Headhoods.


So since 3 years ago, I have been compiling and manipulating different style faces from old catalogues / old postcards / old magazines while thinking about this idea of printing faces on hoods.

I never even would have dreamed of starting my own line and thought that if anything I would be collaborating with somebody with this idea.

I’ve approached several  people and all of them thought the idea didn’t go well with their existing line. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and start HeadHoods myself.

I eventually relearned the art of silkscreening and the whole process behind it and fabricated what I like to call a silkscreen factory in my apartment.


This allows me to have full control of the line. I feel I am at the very tip of the iceberg and have big plans for HeadHoods.

I have many faces and ideas I am looking forward to introducing to the line.


HeadHoods are currently only available online through the website I plan on selling HeadHoods in boutiques and stores in the very near future and am working with potential European distributor as well, but until then they are only available online.


  • scattermish

    August 7, 2007

    this is a great idea. i’ll definately grab one.
    question tho, have you thought about printing more stuff on the rest of the hood at all? mayeb some corresponding body prints for those who ain’t always down with the blazer-hood combo?

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    August 23, 2007

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