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15 August 2015, writed by Yar

category: tshirt

Absolution Apparel Co

York, PA, USA -- Absolution Apparel Co is a new startup that is defining luxury with a mix of street-wear for timeless fashion. The two designers for the brand, Josh and Mike, want to inspire the world with their designs by taking a page out of their own lives. The source of inspiration for their brand comes from luxury and street-life culture.

The brand shows a passion for designing and sparking emotions in people all around the world. They're starting out with four designs, each one heavy with meaning to them and emotionally driven. The first design is their Stereotypes shirt. They had this to say about the design, "The world is full of stereotypes and everyone is given a label on them because everybody already thinks they know who you are. The message of this shirt simply states "Don’t assume you already know me"".

Absolution Apparel is striving for long-term status in fashion and making a name for themselves in the street-wear world. Check them out at

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