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21 July 2016, writed by Yar

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Sambatees – Music T-Shirts with an Art Beat

The founders of Sambatees, a musician-turned-entrepreneur and an artist, both grew up in the 1980s and 1990s collecting band t-shirts and other music merchandise. From Metallica and Pink Floyd to Bob Marley and The Doors, they had tees for all moods and occasions. Over the years though, having reached what they call their “artistic maturity,” their taste for music apparel evolved. . . into a business. Andre and Rafael decided to put music and design together to make unique music-themed t-shirt art.

Their perception was that things hadn’t changed much in the music t-shirt industry in the past several decades. According to Andre and Rafael, the culture of music tees has not evolved as many would have liked. Most music apparel is still limited to classic themes of bands, artists, festivals and concerts, and contain simplistic designs. They decided to change that.

In their first collection, Music Genres, artist Rafael Doria crafted beautiful music tees that pay tribute to different styles. Each t-shirt design captures the soul of a genre through movement, attitude, and rhythm, and is offered in four slick colors that purposely make the designs stand out over the background.

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