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20 November 2010, writed by David

category: tshirt

A new Vaugh de Heart collection is coming

A new Vaughn de Heart collection called "Le Magnifique" will be released on November 26 Black Friday at 7am PST (The pieces in the collection are all black, and it is releasing on Black Friday, and it is releasing at 7am because there are 7 pieces, just in case you missed how those tie in).

The Le Magnifique collection of 7 items of which there are only 7 made. "Le Magnifique" is french for "The Magnificent" and the nickname for this collection is "The Magnificent 7" because there are 7 items and only 7 of each made.

There are 49 pieces in total. There is a tank, a crew neck t shirt, a henley, a thermal, a pull over hoodie, a zip hoodie, and a cardigan.

Roy, Vaughn de Heart:

"I created this collection because I wanted to make something different and even harder to get than the other Vaughn de Heart pieces so far. I wanted to exercise even more details in my product and to make something even more unique and special The only place the collection says Vaughn de Heart is on the tag. Also the Vaughn de Heart logo is not on any of the garments."

"The inspiration for the collect came from the question of, "What constitutes magnificence?" What makes something great? Is it the design? Is it the quality? Is it what is associated with it? All of these are necessary, but alone are insufficient. What I believe constitutes true magnificence is how few there are. What few deserve the title and how hard they are to find. For without rarity, all the others are blown away by winds of reoccurrence. That is Le Magnifique."

You can follow Vaughn de Heart with their facebook and twitter.

Writed by: David, See Ya! - iloveyourtshirt x Play-Doh.