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08 April 2014, writed by Yar

category: tshirt

Graphic Tide

Graphic Tide was founded in 2012 by three brothers from Hampshire, United Kingdom: Ash; a Web Developer, Haydn; an Illustrator, and Cam; a Graphic Designer.

Their mission is simple: They aim to help artists and designers get recognition for their work through t-shirt design, making Graphic Tide different from the rest. They feel the market of artists and designers is very over-crowded, with hundreds of different artists from all over the world, all competing for the same work. Graphic Tide realizes that many artists find it hard to get themselves heard above all the noise and so they ask, “Why not get an opportunity to get heard on a mass scale, for free?”

How It All Works

Designers submit their work to Graphic Tide, and if their design is successful within the voting platform (achieving 30+ votes), Graphic Tide sends the designs off to the printers to sell worldwide. Their voting platform is really hotting up, and it's great to see such an exceptional collection of art and designs in one place.

In turn they pay artists based on what they sell, help promote the artist/designer to a wider audience by producing featured blog posts of their work, and showcasing them on Graphic Tide’s social media accounts. Their whole ethos as a company is to help and support artists and designers in their creative journeys.

T-Shirt Designs In Stock

They have a great collection of unique art and design available for purchase in their shop. Their current collection of t-shirt designs comes from the talented Tom Dunn, Ekswhiedse, Kat Maycock and a couple of designs of their own, which are all priced at £20 - £25. They always welcome new and exciting t-shirt submissions, and really encourage others to support artists and designers by purchasing their work at Graphic Tide.

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