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24 August 2014, writed by Yar

category: tshirt

HETZL Clothing

HETZL CLOTHING comes from the Northern regions of Spain (Europe), halfway of the sea, the mountains and post industrialism. HETZL is an independent urban fashion brand for stylish people focused on creative, non-conformist and exclusive individuals; aiming at offering high value and exclusive products for all those who lived obsessed by graphic design, photography, architecture, art or any other kind of sensorial experimentation linked to creativity and want to set apart with garments inspired by their passions.

Almost 8 years have passed since HETZL surged as the project of a group of designers with large experience in the fields of graphic design, illustration and visual communication. Their t-shirts and accessories are inspired by the graphic and visual ideology of the world of fashion, design and avant-garde, with a sober, rational, modern and ground-breaking approach.

In this first collection, HETZL had drank from different sources, mainly geometry and abstraction, identifying the existing gap in the dressing graphic products in today´s market. They have avoided profusion and ornaments to search for a clear and direct message seasoned with fresh and radiant summer colors. Another important ingredient of the designs is the use of typography. HETZL's teams are passionate of the graphic forms of letters and their rotundity. This is the reason why a lot of their designs are mainly typographical.

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