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28 July 2015, writed by Yar

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Aloft - Boundary Layer Apparel

Switzerland — Aloft - Boundary Layer Apparel was founded by Niki Szedenics and Ivan Purcell and is based deep in the mountains of Switzerland. Aloft means: up high, above, in the air, and originates from the old Norse "a lopt”. In regards to the name they said, “We chose this name because it suits, is short, uncommon, light and describes our brand image really well.”

Aloft is the first company to tackle the clothing segment for flying sports in a serious way and provide great designs which we all deserve. Until now pilots have been wearing surf, skate and mountaineering brands. They offer clothing for all types of pilots, outdoors sports people etc.

Title: Mountains in the sky
Description: We play in four dimensional space-time, perspective is relative. The Mont Blanc in winter.

Title: Iquique
Description: Either you have flown there or you will fly there. Soaring, Acro, XC, Waggas and never check the weather.

Title: Pressure Map
Description: Feel the pressure, highs and lows. You won't find these lines on any toilet, but they might have a similar effect! (The Aloft founders make a cameo in the design too!)

Title: Low Polygon Beach
Description: The Art of Flight, expressed by Francois Ragolski. After this photo shoot they understood what glider control really meant. Crystalised for your pleasure (and hers).

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