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22 September 2009, writed by David

category: tshirt

Rhetoric Tees


Rhetoric is an American clothing company focused on high design. Their t-shirts are born of two design directives. The prints are inspired by innovative examples of pop art, fringe sub-culture and youth.

While their shirts are custom manufactured from fine textiles and materials including pima cotton. When combined, these two directives challenge the quality and integrity of all other t-shirts on the market.

Rhetoric is founded on the belief that the X and Y generations have adopted the t-shirt medium as a form of personal rhetoric.

Rhetoric has cultivated relationships with top international artists from many mediums including but not limited to: Graphic design, Paint, Ink & Pencil, and Architecture. They are loyal to their artists and look after their interests as much as they do their own.

They work hard to provide a safe harbor for quality artwork. They are focused on substance-based images, which inspire thought or nostalgia. All interested artists should contact Rhetoric and be prepared to submit a digital portfolio.

Typically the standard t-shirt company will either offer a unique print or a unique fit; they proudly offer both. Their shape is derived from the more modern "American" style cut with adjustments that reinforce, enhance durability, and lengthen the life of the shirt.

The cotton Peruvian is chosen from a worldwide search of available materials. It is softer than Egyptian and out washes every other cotton on the market. Their thread is nylon, flexible and won’t break. All components are retroactive and won’t bleed or fade.

Rhetoric celebrates diversity and the absurd, which serves as an accurate description of its principal founders Lish Cayro and W. Dylan Dawson.

Both are students of architecture, distracted by fashion, and dedicated to celebrating life. Their company has an inherent value system, which observes the growing responsibilities towards the environment. The Rhetoric staff does not tolerate waste or exploitation in any aspect of their retail system.

You can follow Rhetoric withe their twitter, myspace, flickr, youtube, facebook and blog.

Writed by: David, See Ya! - iloveyourtshirt x Play-Doh.