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28 September 2015, writed by Yar

category: tshirt

Story Spark

Torrance, California, USA — Story Spark is a graphic t-shirt brand that appreciates the balance between technology and people. Digital interface designers, Alex Louie and Sun Kim, founded Story Spark as a brand that can speak to those who love and understand the value technology plays in today's society. In an age where technology is everywhere, celebrating both the human and technical potential is something they believe can be easily overlooked.

The brand recently launched a collection of six limited graphic tees called 'Story Spark Select 1.0'. Each design carries a sense of sophistication while maintaining a level of simplicity. One of the shirts titled as "I HEART TECH" is a message that has been visually translated through a heart-shaped badge of circuitry. They had this to say about their approach: "One of the mantras that we try to invoke in our products is 'simplicity with a subtle edge'. We want our work to be focused and easy to get - yet still has to be a cool t-shirt at the end of the day."

Story Spark plans to create more tech-centric collections soon - in hopes of inspiring others to spark their own stories. Check them out at

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