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29 September 2009, writed by David

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Filter017 was created by Enzo, Wen, and Nick since 2004.Their team consists of Mixed Sauce & Wonder Work + 99% passion towards creation. They infuse unique graphics into all kinds of design.

Since the finding of Filter017 design team in 2004, the team has managed to create numerous fresh looking designs and graphics through various attempts in searching their own unique style of "mixed elements" along the way.

Professional attentions and supports from other countries have also helped bring more exposure to their works in the international market.

By the concept of "mixed elements", Filter017 tries to infuse oriental thinking and experiences from their Asian background into their all time favored American-style graphics in the light of creating new visual sensations.

In 2009, the team began to realize their graphical works in the form of street clothing branded under their own name. Although Filter017 is rooted in the foundation of strictly graphic design, they do not compromise for fabric quality in their clothing line either.

The team work began from graphic creation; besides the artwork, it is equal importance for both quality of apparel and intrinsic spirit. In the near future, the brand spirit and visual sensation will focus on “free and fun” life attitude and give up unnecessary decorations; also describe a dressing style with “clean and simple” in their works.

Filter017 believes that they have very high demands on designed details and quality, a different impression on their products and works will be experience.

This is Filter017, and we love them. You can follow Filter017 with their flickr, krop, behance and facebook.

Don't forget to visit the Filter017 online shop.

Writed by: David, See Ya! - iloveyourtshirt x Play-Doh.