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08 March 2010, writed by David

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GUCHAGUCHA is a project created by two visual artists based in Madrid, Eduardo Bertone form Argentina and Michiyo Sato a.k.a ROJI from Japan.

Started by their interest of merging all they love and catch their attention, taking the diversity and cultural richness that can befound in all social and artistic expressions from around the world.

Using mainly t-shirts, a universal and everyday object, as a medium of expression. Our company’s purpose is to create special products, limited edition but accessible to everyone.

GUCHAGUCHA is a Japanese word that refers to a confusion state and disorder. Chaotic and incoherent mix. It also means full of thoughts.

Eduardo Bertone: multidisciplinary artist born in Argentina (1977), although he has been living in Madrid since 2000, working as an illustrator, art director and designer for big international projects.

Michiyo Sato (ROJI): after graduating in fine arts in Kyoto, Japan, she moved to Madrid in 2002 where she specialises his career at the Madrid Fine Arts University UCM. She made several solo and group
exhibitions of art prints and paintings, she is lately focused on graphic design and illustration.

You can follow Guchagucha with their twitter, myspace and facebook.

Writed by: David, See Ya! - iloveyourtshirt x Play-Doh.