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19 February 2016, writed by Yar

category: tshirt

Less Colors, More Awesome

Scottsdale, AZ USA — Tom Burns is an illustrator living in Scottsdale, Arizona. Burns has had his designs featured for over 10 years on some the best t-shirt sites on the web including Threadless, Design By Humans, BustedTees, Teefury, and more.

He has a few designs in particular that have taken the internet by storm; the most famous of them all, by far, being “The Communist Party.” It was first printed by treadless in 2006, and is still making waves even today.

What is newsworthy about this is that he now has a shop focusing solely on those most popular designs, but with a twist. At his new treadless Artist Shop Tom has remixed those designs into really cool, retro-inspired, 1-color-only tees!

You can now get your Commie fix (in whatever flavor you like, as there are multiple versions of that iconic design) in a nice vintage looking yellow-on-red motif. There are other favorites too, like “The Rising Sunset” or Spaghetti Western” that also look great in that 1-color style.

If you just can’t get enough retro, 1-color tees go check out his new Artist Shop,

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