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10 September 2013, writed by Yar

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Not Another T-Shirt Company:

         is t-shirt startup company which has mission of setting a new trend in the fashion industry. “We believe that the world can be different, unique and special. Additionally, we believe that people can choose to keep a positive attitude towards the world despite any inconvenience. Therefore, we have set our company mission to curate positive, upbeat and cheeky t-shirt designs and only sell one thousand units per color of each design. We have chosen a web based business to reach as much people as we can; at, you can see and purchase all of our products, which are shipped to the U.S. and 70 other countries worldwide.” These are the words of Andy Price, Ship Manager of The company’s core belief is helping people make a statement through garments, a positive statement as Andy puts it.

                           specializes in Direct To Garment prints (DTG), they are located in New York City were Andy Price steers a team of freelancers towards a positive business outcome. The company was launched July 15, 2013 and they are working hard to put their name out there. Proof of this is having over one thousand followers on Facebook and a new Twitter account which has one hundred and sixty followers within days of opening it. These stats may not impress the marketing gurus, but if you look at the stats behind it and find out that 50% of their followers are talking about the company and that they have a bounce rate of less than 60% from people coming from their social networks; you know that there is something to watch out for. It may be just a marketing plan, or may be a cool product concept behind positive principles.

With social media increasingly taking control of people’s lives, is proposing another way of connecting with people, through their t-shirts in the real world. Although this is not a new concept in the fashion industry; it’s rare to see it combined with positive and cool designs. “We have found our inspiration on people as diverse as Coco Chanel and Steve Jobs; these are people who have empowered others through their actions and their beliefs.” said Mr. Price “We are taking those beliefs and putting them on a t-shirt you can take home. We will even ship it for you anywhere in the world. Our company in a word is: Shirtastic.”

If you’d like to know more about this New York start up, you can contact them at Facebook, follow them on Twitter at or you can email Andy at manager[at]1000tshirts[dot]co.

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