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18 July 2015, writed by Yar

category: tshirt

Seed of Life - SOL

Tel-Aviv, Israel -- SOL - Seed of Life - represents the designer's personal views, and messages to both the world as a whole as well as to fans of psychedelia in general.

Their goal is to distance themselves from commercial clothing and to give people an alternative that helps them express their true natures while still feeling comfortable. They invest their passion and energy into making designs, printing, and delivering them. Their web designer, Ness makes all the designs, which are hand drawn, then carefully printed on silk screens to create high-quality garments.

SOL designs contain potent symbols that inspire mind and soul, take influence from geometric figures, nature, symbols of daily life, mystical and spiritual experiences that have nurtured awareness and consciousness; these images evoke a message of a peaceful mind and a creative spirit, a message that unites us regardless of religion or culture.

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