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26 October 2009, writed by David

category: event

Sell your shit!


Karmaloop the world’s leading streetwear retail website, featuring over 200 brands, selling in over 35 countries and attracting over 3.5 million unique visitors per month, has launched its newest creation KarmaSwap, a new peer2peer selling website developed for the purpose of bringing the streetwear community together to either sell their original creations or to re-sell items from their own collection.

KarmaSwap is an exciting new site where users will be able to buy and sell things such as original art, used gear, limited edition sneakers, accessories, new t-shirt designs, and toys to one another.

KarmaSwap has two distinct sections: KarmaSwap Resellers, where individual sellers can re-sell items in their collections such as sneakers or used clothing and KarmaSwap Stores, where underground brands and designers can sell their new original creations.

Karmaloop intends to leverage its existing tight knit community of consumers to create an ideal buying & selling environment for streetwear culture. KarmaSwap provides a unique opportunity for cutting edge fashion fanatics and street culture enthusiasts to purchase difficult to find items from the people who already own them or new products created by small underground brands and designers.

Many people who make up the global Karmaloop community already shop on mainstream auction and swap sites where large and generalized offerings require people to do hours of hunting to find the items that appeal to their style and sensibilities, if they find them at all. KarmaSwap will offer a niche selection of items that are completely in tune with what the Karmaloop audience wants to purchase. Currently circulating on the beta site are a slew of items including limited edition kicks. KarmaSwap will be a haven for the sneaker community offering exciting opportunities to buy long sold out and extremely rare items.

Greg Selkoe, Karmaloop CEO:

“Many of our customers were telling us that they were interested in buying limited products that had gone out of stock and were sick of looking on big auction sites only to often not find what they were looking for. Thus, we saw there was a great need for a concentrated peer2peer selling community catering specifically to our shopper and demo.”

“We see this as an amazing way to continue to push our collective culture forward and strengthen the bonds with the Karmaloop audience."

Karmaloop has been known for nurturing young brands in its Kazbah section (a launching ground for up and coming streetwear brands) and is now taking it a step further providing small and nascent brands an opportunity to achieve success. KarmaSwap, unlike the Kazbah, will host almost every brand that applies and will be watching growing Swap brands closely to hand pick fresh young designers to make a transition to the site.

KarmaSwap offers competitive auction pricing and marketing packages for sellers all while exposing them to Karmaloop’s millions of customers. Like traditional auction sites, re-sellers on KarmaSwap will process and ship their own orders independently while Karmaloop will be available to solve any disputes.

This rollout is just the beginning! Adding new sellers, stores and features (such as a literal bartering program) daily, KarmaSwap will be your “go to” for access to up and coming designers, artists, and access to rare and limited used gear and items. is a cross-platform web retailer specializing in global streetwear fashion. The Karmaloop family of sites includes online retailer Karmaloop, internet TV station KarmaloopTV and social network Junglelife (in development).

Since its creation in 2000 by streetwear enthusiast Greg Selkoe, the site has evolved from a one-man-show into the largest and most successful streetwear retailer online. Retailing over 200 brands to both men and women Karmaloop receives 3.5 million monthly unique visitors comprised primarily of the highly sought after young influencer demographic.

The site's visitors, made up of alpha-consumers and key influencers ranging in age from 18-34, set and make trends for their peers.

Karmaloop is more than just a retailer, it’s a community of style that provides a daily, interactive dose of the people and movements fueling and shaping street culture.

Writed by: David, See Ya! - iloveyourtshirt x Play-Doh.