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Blake Hamster,

April 30th, 2007

Blake Hamster strives to create exclusive, passionate, responsible and original products for you to enjoy.

Blake Hamster is a collaborative effort by a loose network of designers, artists, marketeers, journalists, authors and musicians from all over the world. It is their aim to experiment with different products, production processes and distribution models, while upholding a set of aesthetic and ethic ground rules.

A Blake Hamster release may take on many forms. This time it is a range of shirts, next time it could be anything, from sweaters to a collection of household wares with a stylish twist, to a magazine or an art-show.

But each and every release will be unique in its design, limited in its circulation, of high quality and as ecologically and socially conscious as possible.


April 30th, 2007

Nous sommes drogués par tout ce qui nous entoure dans la vie quotidienne, drogués de musiques, de mots, d’images…

Fixed se nourrit de toute cette drogue environnante pour la détourner et ainsi construire sa propre vision du monde. Vous reprendrez bien un fix de style et une dose de graphisme…

Vêtements pour jeunes branchés, rockeurs démystifiés, intellos futuristes, groupies hypes, graphistes dominés, architectes désabusés, et autres dandys tergiversés …

WrongWroks Doradimon x Model Nat,

April 26th, 2007

Doradimon cushions pack with limited t-shirt and “?” set, limited to 10, each set is numbered and signed by WrongWroks !

Stay tuned on MAY 1st 2007, 24:00…. 10 pack is 10 pack, sold out and will be gone, only available on WrongWroks the first project with their WrongWroks model NAT !

Benjart clothing,

April 25th, 2007

Benjart clothing International is a new and exciting designer brand from the heart of London UK.

“Our main aim in the fashion industry is to make a difference in peoples lives through items of clothing and we believe that by purchasing a product from us you wil not only notice the difference but will alos be a crucial part of the difference.

The B logo on the tshirts is known as B splash ! The splash represents the spilling of paint on top of the B logo which in turn represent -Art- and the B is simply the single letter representive of the benjart name which derives from a combination of the two c.e.o’s surnames Benj-amin and Stu-Art”

Mr benjart, Benjart clothing

Artus clothing,

April 25th, 2007

Artus clothing is taking preorders for “FISH” – Anartist Series 3.

“FISH” is the work of dredg bassist Drew Roulette. This is the 2nd painting by Drew to be featured on one of our shirts, and like his first, is expected to sell out quickly.

The Anartist Series shirts are produced in limited editions.

This design is printed with a water-based ink screen on a 100% cotton linen heather slim-fit men’s shirt, with distressed collars and hems. It is available exclusively from the artus webstore

Previous Anartist Series shirts include “Cigar” also by Mr. Roulette, and “Bicasso” by Bicasso of the Living Legends hip-hop crew.

Tees My Body,

April 25th, 2007

Tees My Body T-Shirts is announcing their Pre-Summer Sale with all available tees marked down to $7.99.

Summer’s going to be here before you know it, and it’s going to be hot. Scorching hot, and your button-ups and sweaters aren’t gonna cut it, so this is the perfect chance to stock up on some super cheap t-shirts !

Wrongwroks x Darc Kandy,

April 24th, 2007

Wrongwroks x Darckandy !


April 23rd, 2007

Hey, je viens juste de recevoir mon kebab.
Pierre-Emmanuel tu es le meilleur !

Luke Barber-Smith,

April 23rd, 2007

Lost Jordans, Found Dreams” is a short film about the transfer of energy from one shoe to the next by Luke Barber-Smith


April 20th, 2007

CTRL was born a little bit more than ten years ago. first it was all about skateboarding, teeshirts, loose attitudes and chasing tail in helsinki. 3 years ago CTRL jumped into the fashion world, or “street fashion”, well, something like that anyway, realizing that the best way to get attention from the hottest girls is by running a fashion label. they really do fall for that. and it’s fabulous.

“Since them CTRL has done quite a few clothing lines, 12 or 13, and a lot of skateboarding hardgoods, parties, secret social gatherings and such. the next thing coming up is a collaboration with Rockers NYC and that’s dropping in mid may. those guys are RAD ! last collabo we did was a board with vice magazine. we also have upcoming collabos like that, but we can’t namedrop yet.

The fall 07 line is about adopting dogs, gods, sex tourism, scientology, permanent vacation, space travel, high-jinx, jews, happy days, good people, oxymorons again and removable this and that”.

Freeman, CTRL

Chop Shop,

April 20th, 2007

“The minds behind The Chopping Block are proud to introduce it’s evil prodigy, Chop Shop ! A one stop shop for all like minded individuals, looking for the latest in clothing that satisfies your nerdly cravings without you having to say it. We put it on a shirt, you put it on your chest and it does the speaking. From obscure sci fi references to clever type designs, we’ll do what it takes to make you unsettlingly proud of your garb.

We also plan on taking over all Class M planets with our interplanetary poster design, industrial design and original art prints. So stay tuned and keep your eyes sharp cause this is the shop to find some seriously original work that won’t be found anywhere else. Take a look at our Featured Artist page to get an idea of who is and will be making some custom designs for us. And the list is only going to get larger with the best in the industry.

And don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter or subscribe to our our RSS feed to keep in touch with what’s going on! Remember, with shirts like these, who needs pants”.

Jay, Chop Shop Store


April 20th, 2007

Each month, MailboxTees will find some super amazing and talented artist to create a totally unique design and put it on a really nice, soft, high quality shirt. then they mail it to you (or your chosen recipient) every month !


April 20th, 2007

A fresh clothing experience by FingerPrint

Esteem Project,

April 20th, 2007

Esteem Project

The /Esteem Project/ line is influenced by the complementary styles of the two artists, embodying a mix of graphics and handwriting, geometric shapes and drips.

“The net result is a broad range of striking visual effects. Raised in the world of “urban-wear”, the duo’s first wish was to create clothes that they would want to wear themselves. The essential idea is that no one wants to wear the same tee-shirt as his classmate, and one way to stand out from the pack is to wear clothes with distinctive, high quality silk-screened images.

After an enthusiastic response from both customers and clothing professionals, our goal now is to grow our business,
but at the same time, stay faithful to our vision and not limit ourselves by the conventional rules of the fashion industry”.

Simon, Esteem Project

Presse sérigraphie à 90,- euros,

April 20th, 2007

Whe propose une presse sérigraphie à 90,- euros (sans la cadre).

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