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Beautiful/Decay and his new lookbook

March 9th, 2009

Beautiful/Decay recently created a lookbook for their Spring/Summer 09 seasons.

Beautiful/Decay and his new lookbook

The concept behind the shoot juxtaposes evocative objects & optical affects with our apparel, to complement the shirts in abstract ways. Still life images of disco balls, prismatic rings, shag carpets and balloons contrast the light, color and texture of the shirt graphics.

See the apparel line come to life in new and unexpected ways! Photography by Luke Stettner.

Diva Diva Ya’ll, by Karmaloop TV !

March 7th, 2009

KarmaloopTV, the world’s premier streetwear video website that provides hours of exclusive content, just launched its latest creation – Diva Diva Y’all.

Diva Diva Ya'll, by Karmaloop TV !

Diva Diva Y’all, premieres this Spring and showcases a week in the life of Amanda Diva.

Diva Diva Ya’ll is your spot for dope interviews, wild stories and the funniest host on the web! Each new episode will appear on Fridays with a slew of fun new segments.


January 21st, 2009

Beautiful/Decay unveils a brand new website:


Beautifuldecayapparel, dedicated solely to all things B/D Apparel!

Due to overwhelming inquiries into the brand, and to further showcase their artists and designs, Beautiful/Decay has created an independent online platform for B/D Apparel.

The new site features expanded coverage and goodies related to B/D Apparel, including a regularly updated blog that will provide sneak peaks into unreleased styles, behind-the-scenes production shots, and other apparel related news.

To learn more about your favorite B/D artists, B/D has compiled photos, bios, and portfolios of all of their Artists Series designers. In the community section, photos of B/D apparel fans wearing B/D gear are displayed- (visit the site to submit your own as well!)

B/D has also incuded a media section with some B/D Apparel freebies: aim icons, wallpapers and more. Great resources for buyers are listed as well, such as a comprehensive stock list and press file. All you need to know about B/D Apparel is now included under one umbrella: Beautifuldecayapparel!


October 14th, 2008


Inkfruit is an India based startup that holds an ongoing online tee-shirt design competition.

The site was in beta, and has just undergone a redesign based on feedback they received from friends and other bloggers. The new design is more crisp and less cluttered.

The popularity of the site has grown over the past months and the community has steadily increased. The contest now attracts numerous entries. The winning designs are screen printed onto t-shirts of all sizes and sold on the site.

Apart from the ongoing contest, special contests like the recent “Rock On Design contest” for rock music related t-shirts are also held from time to time. Winners receive cash prizes and get their name printed on the label of the t-shirt.

So head out and check the new look of inkfruit and remember to vote for the t-shirts of your choice.

I am the trend !

October 9th, 2008

IAMTHETREND.COM is your online directory of all things independent. Here
at IAMTHETREND you can see, comment, and rate the latest indie companies.
From the newest clothing lines, trendy accessories and newest music IAMTHETREND has it all.

For Indie Companies: If you are a indie company, what are you waiting for?! Submit your site to be listed among some of the best indie companies around. As a company, you will be listed under a specific category(s) which allows users to find
your company, as well as rate and comment on your company. Thus providing instant feedback from our users.

Its time to get serious about promoting your business. Each week your company will have the opportunity to advertise a featured product or advertise your website on the front page. This is on a first come first serve basis.

For Users: Take a look around at some of the newest most unique companies in the world. Sick of seeing the same old cookie cutter clothing/accessories/products/etc? Then take some time to look around and find clothing/products/accessories that you cant find at your local mall.

As a user you are also encouraged to rate and comment on each company. Companies love to hear what products you love or what new products you would like to see. So comment and rate away!

i love your twitter

July 24th, 2008

We are now micro-blogging on Twitter about some interesting t-shirt stuff, and u ?


It’s Britney Bitch

June 20th, 2008

It’s Britney Bitch, by You Are So Famous

Tuesday Teez

June 4th, 2008

Tuesday Teez is a website that showcases some of the most creative t-shirt designs on the web today.

Tuesday Teez

Each week, on Tuesday, new designs from various online t-shirt shops are highlighted. Clicking on the designs will link you to the shops were you can buy the shirt.

If you are looking for something fresh and new you need visit Tuesday Teez.

Star Wars X Addict X FUSShop!!!

March 18th, 2008

Addict x Star Wars x Mitch

Nwew to FUSShop is the latest in the Artist Series from Addict. Not just any collaboration but Star Wars!!

Addict present a truly exclusive custom tee project entitled ‘Icons Series - illustrations by Mitch’ A one-off set of officially licensed, boxed tees, illustrated by Mitch in his unique signature style.

3 classic characters from the Star Wars trilogy were applied for the project: Imperial Sandtrooper, Imperial Biker Scout, and everyone’s favorite intergalactic bounty hunter, Boba Fett.

Each design was then printed on a premium grade 180 g, 100% cotton t-shirt. A 12 color screen print process was applied to present all the details on each. Packed in a meticulously 4-color print Addict x Mitch x Star Wars Icons Series box.

Addict x Star Wars x Mitch

Addict x Star Wars x Mitch

Hype Quest

February 1st, 2008

Monsieur T. rejoint le magazine Français “Hypequest“.

Hype Quest

Dans son blog il y parlera, en directe de Portland / Oregon, des coulisses de sa marque Monsieur T., de produits, de vernissages, etc.

(Monsieur T. sur Hype Quest).

Pixel Population

January 24th, 2008

Pixel Population is a series of posters designed for the public space of European cities.

Digitally drafted, pixel-style characters populate urban space, thus creating a parallel digital world on walls, dustbins, traffic lights or large-scale billboards. The idea emerged from using pixel design and working in public space.

Pixel Population

The first wave of civilisation came along with rocket birds and clouds populating the air in 2003 soon followed by astronautic rabbits, flying robots or bats. 2004 started the colonization onthe ground. The most widespread form was “X”, the small pixel alien, with “mister mic” and the “working class hero” at its feet. “Tagger”, “Mr. Officer”, “1-Bit Toy” and other characters complement the pixel population “pixelpopualtion” as a project was presented at cynetart_humane 2006 for the first time.

Pixel Population

Straight after this presentation “pixel-population V.2.0″ started. The aim of V.2.0 is an complete population consisting of characters of all social classes. The population is spread by friends of the pixelnation in form of placards in urban space. Pixel Population informs on news and growing of the pixelcrowd.

On this website you can download printfiles of the pixelcrowd ( click on people ! ) for colonize the area near you.

Send Fotos of your recent pixelnation spreadings to foto(at)pixelpopualtion.org, please not bigger then 1mb. They will publish your works on this site.

Surrender Jackets

November 30th, 2007

Arriving yesterday at FUSShop HQ was the Winter wear from Surrender. Including 3 new Jackets.

Varsity, M65 & Helicopter.

They are some of the most well made Jackets that I’ve ever seen. Made in London, no expense spared to create such a Quality range.

The pick of the Bunch is the Varsity Jacket, It has a Black Wool Body, Black Leather Arms & 2-Tone Chenille ‘S’ Letter on a Double Back Felt Layer.

It’s the small embroidered detail that sets this Jacket apart from others. Go and check out the other Jackets at FUSShop. The photos just don’t do this range justice…

New from D-Face

November 30th, 2007

The Street Art Scene is a big as it has ever been, and looks like there is no sign of stopping it!!

At 11am (BST) this morning The Black Rat Press released new work from the Artist D-Face, including the Green Lady (Edtn of 75) & United State of America (edtn of 200)

They SOLD OUT in literally 4 Minutes if not quicker!

If you missed out on this one because you had no idea it was going to happen the check out the Banksy Forum for all the latest news and gossip…

Black Book Stencils

October 3rd, 2007

Join the new Black Book Stencils mailing list !

Black Book Stencils


September 25th, 2007

Beautiful/Decay is proud to announce a completely revitalized and re-designed website.


Positioned to become an unsurpassed art and design web portal, the new site is the perfect resource for anyone who wants to be in the know about all things creative.

Visitors will now have greater interactivity with the site: they can post their own events in our Event Section to promote their creative happenings, whether it be gallery openings, concerts, lectures, symposiums, fashion shows, and so on. B/D Feed, our creative daily blog where readers can stay current with the latest art shows, up-and-coming artists and design work, has also been enlarged to include richer, higher resolution images.

Of course, Beautiful/Decay continues to provide the popular Public Feed, a forum in which readers can post their own content.

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meaning of dreams adipositas hilfen schnell abnehmen tipps cuny basische darmreinigung mittelalter abnehmen dauerhafte schamhaarentfernung gewichtszunahme in der schwangerschaftsanzeichen diät check gesund abnehmen ohne sportsman's guide diabetes heilen in 28 tagen goddard der perfekte ernaehrungsplan zum abnehmen im kopf apfelessig mit mutter wie am besten schnell abnehmen plan abnehmen schnell effektiv abnehmen wie schnell ist gesundheitszeugnis mit schilddruese abnehmen mit genuss seite loeschen wordle wie verliere ich gewichtstabelle kleinkinder was passiert wenn man hashimoto nicht behandelt wie schnell kann ich abnehmen ohne jojo web search entfernen malware removal abnehm applebee's menu granite city lebensmittel bei hashimoto thyroid symptoms schnell abnehmen in einer woche 5 kilometers in feet darmreinigung natuerlich heilen dorm ich will abnehmen so schnell wie möglich lustiges weihnachtsgedicht gewicht verlieren sportsbook bauchfett loswerden los werdenberg ursachen fuer 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