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Rokko Foyer : new label

July 17th, 2006

“Me ( Marco Werth) and my colleague (Johannes Breyer) startet the label in winter 2005. But still it tooks until may 2006 to have everything finished”.

“The idea behind all this was: beeing sick of all this mainstream shirts by the big shops like H&M oder Zara. You know almost every pedestrian area was the same. We wanted our shirts to be individual, very very limited in their quantity (max. is 15) and of the finest quality”.

“So the designing started. The result was the collection called “Syrup” by the new label “Rokko Foyer“. As you can see, we used lots of metal colours like bronze and gold”.

“There is no direction (like hip hop or punk) we wanna go. its just all people should buy, who like those shirts. very basic”.

Marco WERTH, Rokko Foyer


July 17th, 2006

Gen-Why, never quit asking …

iloveyourtshirt : tshirt !

July 13th, 2006

We just received the t-shirt ! It’s a limited edition of 50 pieces with a big print (dark blue t-shirt), interested ?


July 12th, 2006

TakePride : t-shirts inspired by the lives and actions of real men and women serving in the US Nation’s military.

Dear Stencil

July 12th, 2006

Dear Stencil (FUSShop ™) : limited Edition of 20 T-shirts, only 10 in this colourway. Screen printed on light weight, slim fit tee. 100% Cotton.

Will never be reprinted !

Alex Dakoulas

July 11th, 2006

Alex Dakoulas has been designing shirts for about 3 years now. Whether it be stencils, silkscreen, iron-on, hand-made, or professionally printed he likes experimenting to get the effect needed.

He only hopes that people continue enjoying his designs so he can continue making them !

Fatcop XXL

July 11th, 2006


Police brutality is a growing epidemic within our society, where cases are brought to the public’s attention on a daily basis. We live within a corrupt society where racial profiling is predominant, human rights are constantly being violated based on one skin color, religion and cultural stereotypes. The words “Protect and Serve” no long have an honorable meaning. FATCOP XXL’s mission is to make the un-aware aware by sending a visual message through our clothing design.

FATCOP XXL is a Brooklyn based clothing line dedicated to the memories of all those who have lost their lives to unjustifiable homicide by law enforcement worldwide.

Acts Of War !

July 10th, 2006

Solo exhibition by Hamad Khalaf : Acts Of War, at the Nadi Gallery (Jakarta).

More information : Nadi Gallery


July 10th, 2006

L’ultima volta che sono stato a Barcellona ho scoperto Nubius, un negozio che vende t-shirt, camicie ad accessori prodotti con il proprio marchio. Il logo è il simpatico faccione del classico lottatore sudamericano, che compare ricamato in più di un modello: un must.

Il catalogo è ricco, con soggetti vintage od ironici piuttosto vari che dimostrano però una mano comune. E’ disponibile da poco lo store online, clicca qua !

Stefano Ricci | Elmanco


July 7th, 2006

Time’code” Series™ T-shirts by Build !

Concrete Hermit : since 04

July 7th, 2006

Concrete Hermit has been working with artists and illustrators since 2004.

In that time they have collaborated with : Neasden Control Centre, Richard May, I Like Drawing and Jon Burgerman among others. Some of the designs are limited to editions of 100.

As well as tees the london based company produce artist badge sets and publish books.

Claudio Marino

July 7th, 2006

We just received the picture of Claudio “in da pose” (Winner of the Summer contest 2005).

VelvetBanana : The online Shop

July 5th, 2006

The online shop of velvetBanana has just opened !


July 4th, 2006

Rubberfish is an indie fashion factory of one. It was started in early 2006 and is based out of Chicago, USA. All of the pieces are printed by hand and limited to an edition of 100.

Occasionally, Rubberfish invites Designers from around the world to take part in a themed collection of ten, the last theme was “10 Minutes to Downtown”.

Stickit : invitation !

July 3rd, 2006

Stickit will invite artists to design a shirt and copyzine. The artists will vary from all disciplines like graffiti, art, design, illustration and so on. Every 1st of the month we will add a new shirt and zine to the page.

The very 1st artist in this series is graffiti artist Sems from Amsterdam. We hang out with the guy, and he tagged some sheets. In no time the place turned into a mess. But we had what we want, a nice drippy Sems tag for the shirt !


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