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Monsieur T,

May 22nd, 2007

Monsieur T.®, a small streetwear label from Portland, Oregon, announces the debut of their Spring/Summer 2007 collection.

Each season their line grows and features more talented artists from around the world, many of whom have worked in one way or another in the skateboarding industry.

Two new artists joined the roster this season: Royal Remarkable from North Carolina and Delarocca from France. In addition to the newcomers, the line features designs by Monsieur T. regulars: the Berkley brothers, Bwana Spoons, and Martin Ontiveros (all from Portland), plus Matt Lyon from England, Emil Kozak from Denmark, Fernando Elvira from Spain, and Tomontherock from France.

The diverse range of artists brings a variety of graphic styles, from paper cuts to line drawings to photoshopped collages. It’s an eclectic mix, yet it comes together harmoniously to fit the Monsieur T. aesthetic of fusing art, skateboard culture, and street fashion. Monsieur T.’s shirts are in select independent boutiques worldwide, and also on their website Quentin Nguyen, owner and creative director of Monsieur T., is a French native who spent his youth skateboarding, snowboarding, and listening to loud music.

Monsieur T. was established in 2004. They are always on the lookout for inspired artists.


May 21st, 2007

Newest shirt “STOP SHARK FINNING” at Bant-shirts . Shark finning is an extremely serious problem which is threatening many species of sharks with extinction.

The money raised from the sale of this shirt is all going to support Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, an organisation that intervenes to stop illegal fishing and whaling, and who campaign to protect sharks and other ocean life.

(The practice of shark finning entails hacking off the shark’s fins on board the boat and throwing the rest of the shark - dead or alive - back into the ocean. There has been a massive growth in demand for shark fin soup in the Far East which has pushed the price of shark fins up to several hundred dollars per pound - the rest of the shark is of little commercial value and is often discarded to make room for other catch which will fetch a better price. Shark fin soup was traditionally consumed only as a delicacy, however with the increase in prosperity it is being consumed in massive and unsustainable amounts).

21+ Akomplice Summer Release Party,

May 18th, 2007

Free 21+ Akomplice Summer Release Party. Special performance by Talib Kweli.
THIS TUESDAY May 22nd at Club Element
(1642 N. Las Palmas, Los Angeles, CA 90028

  • Large media presence: MTV, E!, 944, Vapors, Entertainment Weekly, Urb, etc.
  • Purple carpet with step and repeat.
  • Talib Kweli performance + surprise guest.
  • Fashion show with sexy girls only wearing t-shirts and sneakers.
  • Free give-aways.
  • DJ Vice.
  • On the spot custom sneakers.

RSS FEED > little update

May 16th, 2007

Dear tshirt addicts,

Please update your iloveyourtshirt RSS link to this new RSS FEED.


The Ironic T-shirt Corporation,

May 14th, 2007

“We’re a small business based in Boulder, Colorado and our company is the culmination of years of blood, sweat, and tears. I’m a writer and photographer and we put a lot of effort into the writing and images on our site and I think they turned out pretty cool.

We have some unique product ideas and my favorite is what we call the “Freedom of Speech Bubble”: Essentially, it’s a shirt with an head of Bush, Cheney, Clinton, Tom Cruise, or Paris Hilton with a blank speech bubble where the customer can write their own saying with iron-on letters or erasable markers.

We also have a pretty cool contest associated with the Freedom of Speech Bubble concept where people send us their ideas for shirts and we mail our 3 favorite submissions a free shirt every week.

In our short existence, “Han’s Solo”, “High Roller”, and “F The Media - Solid Gold Dancer Edition” have been our most popular designs. I’m pretty political so I personally wear around a “Media Pimp” or “Hot Tub Philosophy” shirt almost every day”.

BG, The Ironic T-shirt Corporation


May 14th, 2007

Ten years ago (In 1972), a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum-security stockade to the Los Angeles underground.

Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the A-Team.

Be a part of the A-Team and get your t-shirt of the week with the legendary van at Shirt City !

Ten Bills,

May 14th, 2007

Ten Bills will be relaunching their site soon and is having a $7 preview sale on all t-shirts as well as a promo hoodie on sale for $20 !

Akomplice Clothing,

May 12th, 2007

The latest 2007 Spring/Summer releases from Akomplice have dropped around the globe !

The collection includes tees, hoodies and crews as well as some special limited edition Liberty dresses. The range this season also features a “Reserve” section available only at select stores worldwide.

Be sure to pick yours up at Conveyor @ Fred Segal, Goliath RF, Leaders 1354, TRUE, Next or Fresh while they’re still in stock.

Or, if you can wait ‘til next week’s drop, cop the entire new season online at Digital Gravel.

Also, stay tuned for Akomplice’s forthcoming mockumentary “The Making of Waldo in The Strip Club”.

For more information, check out Akomplice’s website or their MySpace.

Mustang could be won for the price of a beer!

May 10th, 2007

From the 14th May Budweiser is preparing itself for a stampede as the beer puts a genuine Mustang up for grabs on it’s website that could be won for the price of a beer !

Budweiser is making an authentic, US Ford Mustang available for auction on it’s virtual currency website. The yellow and black all American classic is being auctioned off to the lowest unique bidder with Bud fans set to flood the site with entries.

Budweiser will deliver the vintage car to the winner and throw in a day with classic car experts Dream Cars to learn how to keep their new car in top shape.

How it works :

Promotional codes on the back of bottles and cans of Budweiser unlock a unique currency (from $5 - $100) when entered into Bud Bucks Website. This currency can then be used bid to win a range of prizes from trips to the States to watch NASCAR races and the LA Film Festival to games consoles, FA Cup tickets and music.

Shirtcity Club : win €500 !

May 10th, 2007

Your T-shirt design is needed on Shirtcity Club design contest.

The best T-shirt design with a $500/£350 cash prize! The design with the highest score wins.


May 10th, 2007

Dans l’esprit de créer un nouveau marché et de cibler celui des 20-35 ans sensibles à la mode et aux graphismes de qualités, la marque MS WEAR TM présente une nouvelle vision du prêt à porter haut de gamme qui lui permet d’être plus ou moins in classifiable par rapport aux marques existantes.

Car par son créateur lui même issu du graphisme, de la culture club et grand amateur d’architecture; la marque s’appuie sur les influences les plus fines que l’on peut retrouver dans les rues et les concepts stores les plus branchés de la planète. Ce qui donne à la marque par sa démarche de création et d’originalité un côté plus proche des créateurs.

Toujours dans le souci d’allier mode, qualité des graphismes et image de marque bien distincte des autres, MS WEAR TM vend des tee shirts homme et femme réalisés en étroite collaboration avec des graphistes indépendants et chacun reconnus dans leur milieu respectif. C’est en travaillant sous la direction artistique de la société Ministry Of Design TM que la marque se forge une identité qui lui est propre.

Les sérigraphies ainsi que le montage des vêtements sont réalisés en Union Européenne par une usine partenaire qui est aussi fabricant de cotons et de mailles.

Pour les détaillants en Ile De France sachez que toute livraison au dessus de 10 pièces est gratuite.

Yackfou !

May 10th, 2007

NEW Shirts from YACKFOU.

Fastfood Munchies get faces, Creating your own Human with funky beards and Bowls disguised as arm-haired women with pink lipstikcs and other crazy stuff at YACKFOU !

Peer Presure,

May 10th, 2007

Peer Pressure comprises a set of group dynamics whereby a group of people in which one feels comfortable may override the personal habits, individual moral inhibitions or idiosyncratic desires to impose a group norm of attitudes or behaviors.

Peer Pressure on the other hand is a weekend project for Australian born graphic designer Rob Cordiner (Task-Focused Design).

Under the banner of Peer Pressure, Rob and his peer group create a variety of works that sit casually on the fence between art & graphic design, occasionally throwing fruit at passers-by.

Kicking off in April 2007 with debut “Boat the Rock” T Shirt -stay tuned for a sporadic output of T’s, prints and other good stuff …

Win a free t-shirt !

May 10th, 2007

AS[ONE] Clothing is in search of people who share and support their vision as a company,all those who sign up will be entered into the weekly drawing for the brand new logo tee.

Recently AS[ONE] started undergoing a rejuvination as they released their newly developed logo and began refocusing on the companies original goals and vision.

Have a look and sign up to win a free t-shirt.

Turn an ordinary t-shirt …

May 8th, 2007

… into a ninja mask !

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