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MonsterHoodies !

April 1st, 2008

MonsterHoodies is run by Jen Dunlap and Zach Smith.


Zach, MonsterHoodies :

“We both live in NYC, and we love things that are disgustingly cute. MonsterHoodies started as a fun weekend project when we decided that our hoodies were just too boring. We wanted to liven them up a little bit, and we came up with the idea of making them look like animals. Specifically, we wanted them to look like scary (but cute!) monsters.


We originally made these hoodies for ourselves, and wore them around proudly. Almost immediately people were asking where we got them. We told people that we made them for ourselves, and they were amazed. Lots of our friends wanted them, but living in the city, we didn’t have enough time to make hoodies for all of them. Since some smart dude invented money millions of years ago, we decided that we could trade our valuable time making hoodies for cool green dollar thingies”.

Now, the rest is history. RAWR!



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