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Akumu Ink

April 16th, 2008

Akumu Ink is a small company that is growing rapidly.

Joey, Akumu Ink :

“We are inspired by the hardcore music scene, Japanese horror movies, and black and white indie comic books. Each shirt is printed and individualized for each of our customers.

Akumu Ink

We put alot of effort into producing quality products for an affordable price. When wearing the Akumu Ink label you should feel like a rock star. That’s why we print bold oversized graphics on tote bags and very comfortable American Apparel t-shirts.

Akumu Ink

At the beginning of every month a couple more designs are released, and some are taken down. Even though not many people may know about us now, they will. Akumu Ink has only begun.

Akumu Ink

This month we have 3 t-shirt designs that are 15% off. Hurry, this sale is over at the end of April !”

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