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British Knights is back !

April 21st, 2008

British Knights is bringing back the exact late 80’s look and style that caused the brand to be one of the most popular among the young urban trendsetting guys of that time.


From the brand’s first sneaker launch in 1985 through the early ‘90’s BK rose to the highest levels of the athletic footwear industry.

These meticulous replications, the identical sole mold to the precise matching of signature BK prints, elicit the retro feeling of the extreme late 80’s.

British Knights are also teaming up with leading industry designers to produce innovative, cutting edge cooperations.

BK and Gio Chiappetta (Pro Wolf Master) are debuting a sneaker in May called the “Purple Wizard Moccasin”.

A vibrant purple based graphic hi top- an ’89 shoe redesign in ‘08. The intelligence behind the design, Gio Chiappetta, says, “The materials and colors used are all reminiscent of the BK legacy… with a contemporary twist. It’s simple… a leather shoe with funky canvas detail. I guess you could say this shoe is a commentary on the state of the street/sneaker culture and what I love. I like wierd.”

May 1, 2008 will initiative the launch of the first 4 1989 classic BK styles as well as the ‘Purple Wizard Moccasin’ shoe by Gio Chiappetta(Pro Wolf Master), followed on June 15, 2008 with the next four shoes from the ’89 collection.

The shoes will be available at BK and at select retailers nationwide.

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  • wizeguyztees

    April 21, 2008

    I forgot all about BK’s until this post. I have to say I was the proud owner of a few pairs back in my big pimpin days and I mixed them with Skidz shorts and some hyper color t shirts. Wow, I feel old. I might have to check them out and see if They can help me get my pimp hand large again. Peace.

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