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Ladies gear at Karmaloop !

May 8th, 2008

A ton of new ladies gear just came out on Karmaloop and we wanted to let you know about it: new brands galore and really hot clothes from Pa:nnu, Princess of the Posse, and SSUR sister Goumada.

Owned and founded by Yuko Ogino, with Russell of SSUR as one of the brand’s designers (Goumada is the sister company to SSUR Plus).


Ssur’s fine art is becoming a phenomenon with the Ssur clothing line; now Goumada incorporates the SSUR stylings for all the ladies.


The design principles of the first collection are luxury and elegance, using fine embroidery and mythic imagery to balance the luxury aspect with sneaker culture so that the clothes can be worn with kicks or heels.

pa:nuu has in less than two years, rapidly spread across the globe with a clothing range for both sexes and is now represented in more than 22 countries. pa:nuu is not based on analysis, market research, color scales, trend boards or the likes thereof.


On the contrary pa:nuu was born out of love for simple but powerful graphic expressions and prints. With inspiration from the colorful universe of the 80’s pa:nuu takes you on a journey to a time where “space invaders” was the coolest game in the world, Michael Jackson had an afro and George Bush was a simple alcoholic.


Princess of The Posse
A few years ago, a song came on over the radio as some friends were re-imagining the world in a pre-bobo Bushwick loft. That song was PRINCESS OF THE POSSE by Queen Latifah.


That was it, the lyrics depicted exactly who P.O.P was and who they would dress; a woman true to herself, to her style and to her people. A powerful blend of street swag and sophistication.


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