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Rethink clothing

May 15th, 2008

Andy Meyer, Rethink clothing :

“The whole T-shirt business for me came about after the realization that I wanted to wear something different.

Rethink clothing

The whole idea of seeing groups of people wearing the same tired designs and slogans frustrated me.

What frustrated me even more was seeing the amount of money college students spend on clothes only to see nothing in return. That is the idea here; we employ college artists and sell a high quality product at prices a college student can afford.

Rethink clothing

The T-shirts and clothes are designed by college students for anyone who wants a top quality, fresh design, and all at an affordable price”.

“I like using college artists since it seems they still have a heart for design and want to make something they want to wear. Every artist I have worked has had an awesome attitude and helped create a great shirt.

Rethink clothing

Other than that ReThink started selling earlier this year. Its been a fun road and I have met some awesome people so far. I just dropped two more shirts, “Sluggin Supial” and “Mechanism Schism”.  

Rethink clothing

In the future I plan on releasing some hoodies and maybe even a polo. It is still a one man show so getting everything together can take some time. Also I keep shipping rates flat 3 dollars U.S and 6 dollars anywhere else in the world no matter how many shirts ordered”.

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