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Hello from Trouble/Tease

May 15th, 2008

They are Troy Mattison Hicks and Stephano Diaz and they make their shirts in Long Island City Ny:

“We print with spektrum tempests fun, futuristic, and retroactive creatures - wierd and brutish yet cutesy and sweet.  Flower picking one-eyed burnout ufo seekers finding harmony between what is natural and what is digital. 

Hello from Trouble/Tease

Triple-arm metrosexual moon dwelers hitching rides with machine elves. Flowers rising to the pull of radioactive fingers. 

We advertise with sparkling crystaline sea waters and pastel skies of shimmering moving disks.  Beautiful world of squiggles and motion.  Models with no faces so you can zero in on what’s on the shirt, that he/she pointing up at the sky, with multiple eyeballs fluttering.

Hello from Trouble/Tease

We connect with late-nite tweakers and extraterrestrial seekers. We would like to connect with the people of Japan”.

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