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June 10th, 2008

In 1999, : 2:37am : was formed and was creating elements in architecture and design. through the years, the shop developed alot of projects and soon started a clothing line in 2007. the current line features detroit artists such as aux88 (electro/techno), baatin (slum village/hip hop), along with various models.

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The current pics are from the 2007 line but the 2008 line has been released and you can purchase the old and new graphics in the store.

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Brian DuBois started : 2:37am : in 1999 in hopes to create a product for all walks of life. He studied architecture at the university of detroit mercy form 1994-’99 and then began his company thereafter. His projects range from architecture, interiors, interiors, exhibits and the newly developed clothing line. The clothing line has a focus on the industrial side of detroit and the rough manufacturing aspects of the detroit landscape.

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Brian is also a breakdancer (street dancer), aka cryzko, that has been in the detroit hip hop/electro scene since ‘94 and has a good relationship with alot of the pioneers in the music scene. Some of the artist that he is in contact with are derrick may, aux88, baatin, malik alston, detroit techno militia, bang tech 12, etc.

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He is collaborating with some of these artists to help push the official : 2:37am : clothing line that will have more items and a possible shoe line.

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The detroit techno militia has also produced a theme track exclusively for : 2:37am :

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  • b

    June 10, 2008

    thanks for the support

  • Derek

    June 13, 2008

    very trendy and stylish!

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