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Burton Flagship

June 12th, 2008

This summer the Burton Flagship store has got all your summer travel and beach going bags.

One of my favorite bags is the Lil’ Buddy and this guy is not only a great size to carry drinks to the beach (and keep em cold) it doubles as a jam box. It’s the perfect size for a twelve pack of your preferred beverage, has a bottle opener zipper pull, an audio compatible stereo speaker, amp, and auxiliary input, and you can even detach the speaker system if you’d like.


There is also the Zoom Pack designed for the traveling photographer in mind. It’s created so you can bundle all your photo needs and take it to the hills, the slopes, or the beach. It has padded laptop compartments, removable heater pocket for extended battery life and even a stash pocket for your 40 (plus a lot more).


Finally there is the Wheelie Cargo. Equipped with skateboard wheels, it can follow you anywhere and is a perfect travel companion. It’s got a place to hide your travel docs, TSA approved locks, shoe storage, and tons of extras.


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