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June 15th, 2008

CommonThreadz is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that is working to provide orphans and vulnerable children in developing nations the chance of an education and social acceptance by providing them with their much needed school uniforms.


Zac, CommonThreadz:

“In addition to more conventional charity fundraising methods, we build awareness and funds for our mission and other nonprofits through our own line of socially-conscious apparel. For every t-shirt you buy, we give a school uniform to an orphan or vulnerable child in the developing world.


Leading artists donate the designs & celebrities lend their influence for our limited-edition and individually numbered garments.


Each design is an interpretation of a social issue and helps build awareness for a nonprofit we select that is addressing that cause. After the cost of the school uniform, the remaining proceeds from each sale are donated to the selected nonprofit”.


“CommonThreadz was inspired by a desire to address an extremely important, yet underexposed social cause, and to utilize art and fashion to help bring that mission to fruition, for millions of disadvantaged children in developing nations, clothing is something that can either prevent them from an education or provide them with a huge opportunity to change their lives. Through our own line of socially-conscious apparel, CommonThreadz has created a vehicle to help sustain our charities’ mission while making what you wear an expression of what matters to you as well as a way to help someone who needs a hand up, not a hand out.”

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