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Beautiful/Decay: Five news additions !

July 2nd, 2008

Beautiful/Decay is proud to announce the release of five new additions to their online shop, including a psychedelic shirt design by Sentimental Soy Cheese, a collaborative necklace with artist and jewelry designer Steven Shein, and three new women’s tee !

Anonymous design collective Sentimental Soycheese creates “The Hyperspectrum,” a concentric design of pagan symbology, inspired by psychedelic issue T.

Beautiful/Decay: Five news additions !

An excerpt from their quirky artist’s bio reads: “Sentimental Soy Cheese is the collective moniker of 2 former regular human beings whose true identities may never be known. Their peculiar pseudonym came about due to a very emotional period of time when, after being lost in the wilderness for several days and having nothing but unusually large amounts of soy cheese as sustenance.”

Due to the overwhelming success of the last collaborative limited edition skull necklace with Steven Shein, Beautiful Decay debuts a brand new duo design: B/D vs. Steven Shein Diamond pendant.

Beautiful/Decay: Five news additions !

These necklaces are constructed mosaic style out of laser-cut gloss reflective and glitter lucite, inlayed with stained wood. Fashioned in three color ways; black and gold with natural light wood and a silver B/D logo, valentine hot pink with nail vanish red and a silver B/D logo, and teal with matte white, silver glitter and a reflective cyan B/D logo. Features an adjustable matching chain with small Steven Shein matching lucite tag. Each style has been hand-crafted in an exclusive edition of only 25 pieces per color way. Pendant is 2.5 inches wide.

Josh Clancy, aka ToothJuice, crafts “Melting Hearts,” an imaginiative elaboration on human anatomy, combined with elegant design elements.

Beautiful/Decay: Five news additions !

Josh has worked with clients such as Disney/Hollywood Records, Virgin Records, Payless Shoes, Fearless Records, and many other companies and Brands.

Anonymous design collective Sentimental Soycheese designs “B/D or Die,” a “Skate or Die” inspired shirt with a decidedly Beautiful/Decay spin.

Beautiful/Decay: Five news additions !

Anonymous design collective Sentimental Soycheese creates “Electric Script,” a simple, yet vibrant graphic design of overlapping straight lines framing the words “Beautiful Decay.”

Beautiful/Decay: Five news additions !

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