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New Artists at FUSShop

July 11th, 2008

New to FUSShop today are four new prints from four new artists…O.Two, Hutch, Mr.Jago & RYCA

Here is a little Introduction:

O.Two creates work based around the written type-form. His canvases are snap-shots of the fractured typography and ornate interpretations of New York graffiti that have emerged from the artist’s illegal pieces. CLICK HERE

Hutch has been prettifying the streets of Brighton with his distinctive stencils and paste-ups for a good few years now, mixing his decidedly Rock ‘n’ Roll Graf aesthetics with unexpected elements from popular cultures treasure trove. CLICK HERE

Mr.Jago, Not a graffiti artist as such he took the influence of graffiti and ran with it in a completely different direction to everyone else at the time. CLICK HERE

RYCA brings you two iconic movies for the price of one, Reservoir Troopers. Star Wars imagery has cropped up in the work of countless Graffiti and Street Artists work since it was first released and we think this ones a winner. These babies are pretty special as they are all made by the artist himself. CLICK HERE

Check out the rest of the print section HERE


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