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Cute MonstR

July 22nd, 2008

Cute monstR has very lovely shirts & hoodies for young men and women.

Cute MonstR

You can always identify cute MonstR shirts by their sweet character prints mixed up with trendy graphical elments and colors.

Cute monstR:

“I am actually a media designer, but T-Shirt design starts to rule my life. Maybe cute monster will
become a little bit bigger in the next time.This is my first collection but I will release a lot of more
shirts in the next time”.

Cute MonstR

On the photo you can see the RainmonstR, which is a little bit pissed of because it rains.

Cute MonstR

So you can wear it on a rainy day. The other print shows the monster friends sitting together in a tree.
Its a typicall summer Shirt.

This is Cute MonstR, and we love it.

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  • Derek

    July 22, 2008

    i really like your designs

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