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This is Flo Albert

August 4th, 2008

This is Flo Albert

Flo Albert’s young gun design for his lable “This Is Flo Albert” founded in 2008, now occures on his first t-shirt collection.

This is Flo Albert

His designs are inspired by different holiday trips and the surfer’s lifestyle. “This Is Flo Albert” is a mix between casual surfer wear and cool party dress. All screenprinted on American Apparel they stand for best quality.

This is Flo Albert

The “Flower” cap is hand-decorated and each one is unique.

This is Flo Albert

This is Flo Albert


  • Derek

    August 5, 2008

    It would look better if we could see the models faces.

  • Alex

    August 20, 2008

    i really like your style!

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