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Ambiguous from Urban Industry

August 26th, 2008

Ambiguous originated in the mid nineties out of Southern California and began with an idea of producing quality product that reflected the lifestyle of a young board sport generation and a new movement.

Ambiguous from Urban Industry

Not wanting to jump into the standard sticker, hat, tee shirt company stereotype, the founder drew up sketches of jeans and had them produced, therefore Ambiguous was born. While other companies were focused on one image, Ambiguous became a poster for the undefined lifestyle that was at the soul of the board sports culture.

Ambiguous from Urban Industry

Ambiguous have gathered a devoted group of team riders from Skate and Snow, that individually reflect the company, right down to collaborating with the design team on individual designs for new lines.

Ambiguous from Urban Industry

From individuals such as Corey Smith, who is renowned in the Snowboard world not just for his riding but also for his contemporary pop style art.

To this day Ambiguous is still pushing the original ideals and following the same undefined path they originally started on.

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