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Ashley Anderson

August 26th, 2008

Ashley Anderson:

Ashley Anderson

Ri-damn-diculous” is one result of my efforts to bring the random qualities of my sketchbook into my finished artwork.

Within this realm, so far I’m most pleased with a small body of work consisting of symmetrical, hand rendered images comprised of myriads of smaller images. These symmetrical drawings remind me of Mandalas or Thangkas and my friend Whitney has said that she views each individual drawing as a little god.

“Ri-damn-diculous” was originally conceived for an art show here in Atlanta, Georgia. I spent between 6 and 7 hours drawing it, using a board and clamps to hold the shirt still as I drew. I’ve lately been using hellmouths quite a bit in these drawings, but combining the hellmouths with other varieties of visual language, especially iconography and symbolism from old video games.

Ashley Anderson

mE.T.h” is based on the terrible joke of combining E.T. with, of course, methamphetamine. I drew this shirt in about an hour and a half, with my roommate providing the voice of E.T. all the while.

We were cracking up pretty bad laughing at some of the things this apparently very trashy and strung out E.T. might say. The best one was “Gov’ment’s not doing it’s job if it ain’t suckin’ mah dick!”. That’s my roommate; he’s a laugh riot!

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  • Keith Moore

    August 31, 2008

    Damn, that E.T. shirt really got a quality laugh out of me. I’ve got friends who will need this one for Christmas!

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