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August 27th, 2008

Sale is a pop-up market and guerilla store, where small scale and individual designers can show and sell their work to the public.


It is a unique chance to buy exclusive and handmade pieces directly from the designers.

Sale#4 will be themed around Slowness: The times we live in are fast.

Fast food, media soundbytes, speedy information networks, rapid, global flows of goods and services, an over-saturated and ever-growing commercial landscape…… Daily life has become a cacophony of experiences that disable our senses, disconnect us from one another and damage the environment.

But deep experience of the world - meaningful and revealing relationships with the people, places and things we interact with - requires many speeds of engagement, and especially the slower ones.


Slowness’ is a holistic approach to creative thinking, process and outcomes. It envisions positive human and environmental impacts of designed products, environments and systems, while constructively critiquing the processes and technologies of which they are born.

It celebrates local, close-mesh networks of people and industry, it preserves and draws upon our cultural diversity, and it relies on the open sharing of ideas and information to arrive at innovative solutions to contemporary challenges.

Slowness is not time-based. It doesn’t refer to how long it takes to make or do something, but rather describes the individual’s elevated state of awareness in the process of creation, the quality of its tangible outcomes and a richer experience for the community it engages.

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