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Clae Footwear at FUSShop

September 1st, 2008

It is non-stop here at FUSShop at the moment, with deliveries arriving everyday.

The latest Brand to be added to the FUSShop Family is Clae Footwear

Committed to quality, detail, and style, Clae is returning, after a three-year incubation, with some cult classics and newly revamped models for a consumer market place craving a fresh take on footwear.

The most impressive footwear range we’ve seen in a long while. Not just in terms of how they look, but the quality of them too. Get the Rollins, Russell, Romare Hi, & Parker - HERE

Also arriving is the The New Balance 1300 in Blue/Yellow. A great colourway and “MADE IN ENGLAND“…

One of the comfiest trainers you’ll ever wear and they look good too!!!

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