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Draw Limited

September 22nd, 2008

Draw Limited began its start back in 2006 when a simple idea about selling t-shirts was tossed around between the two partners of the company, Jordan Roland and Sarah Roberts. It wasn’t until earlier this year, 2008, the idea was really put to action and with the help of friends and others the company has become what it is today.

Draw Limited

On September 13, 2008 the company launched it’s first line of tees along with their website, and it’s just the beginning.

Draw Limited

What Draw bases its tee desings around are doodles and other “throw away” art to which most people only see a silly sketch done out of boredom to pass the time. On the contrary, the partners who created Draw see something so much more and want to showcase this realm of art.

Draw Limited

Every few months a theme will be released by the company to which people can send in their doodles relating to the theme posted on their website. The theme for their first line was Halloween in which Jordan and Sarah asked people to doodle in their spare time an array of monsters. Rightly dubbed “Monsters Are Real“, the first three tee designs were chosen by vote from doodles people submitted and limitedly printed onto shirts. Though not all the doodles submitted could be made into shirts, an art gallery on their site displays the array of monsters that people drew.

The owners of Draw Limited have high hopes for the future of their company. To give back to the arts and keep it up in schools across the U.S., Jordan and Sarah plan to begin donating a certain amount of money for each submitted drawing they receive per theme. They also hope to show people that they are artists, no matter what mainstream tells them what’s good and what’s bad.

Being huge and successful isn’t a priority in the minds of the pair, instead it’s that they grow to have a loyal bases of customers and that the customers find they are themselves a part of the company.

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