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Ethnicitee !

October 7th, 2008

Allan, Ethnicitee

“It is the mission of Ethnicitee to provide a vehicle for a unique and contemporary method of celebrating and respecting our cultural similarities as well as our differences.

By proudly displaying original works of art on a textile palette, we shall provide a vehicle for embracing ethnicity through a deepening of our understanding, admiration, and tolerance for one another”.


“Of the 39 major armed conflicts in the world, 37 could plausibly be described as ethnic conflicts. The negativity and intolerance that emanates from these conflicts and their direct affects on children have global implications. Inspired by what is alluring and consequential in our cultures; a reflection of our ethnicity, our designs are fashioned to embrace celebration and respect of one another”.


“The essence of what is positive regarding ethnicity, has been portrayed in mini masterpieces of artwork; stamps. Exercising our artistic license and creativity, Ethnicitee provides each individual with an opportunity to make a statement; Celebrate and Respect ethnicity. By collecting our apparel, not only are you making a fashion statement, but a social statement, enriching the lives of those who are the most innocent victims of intolerance and it’s consequences; children”.


“We propose to bring value to our customers by connecting one another through our designs, promoting the celebration of and mutual respect for ethnicity. We shall display our designs on the highest quality apparel and accessories through the most sophisticated of printing and embroidering techniques”.


“Our vision is the Creation of a community, of connected, impassioned people, who through Ethnicitee develops a deeper respect and appreciation for the heritage of others and creates opportunities for, and enriches the lives of children affected by ethnic conflict”.



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  • Andrew

    October 7, 2008

    this sounds awesome! I like it! great job! I will definitely be checking out the rest of your clothing line. I wish that there were more apparel groups like you out there. We need people willing to give to those in need. Great job!


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