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Foot Locker and Timberland Revive the City

October 13th, 2008

Foot Locker and Timberland are bridging the gap between nature and urban life with the release of the new Timberland collection available in Foot Locker’s nationwide from 6th October.

Foot Locker and Timberland Revive the City

The classic Timberland adventure boots have been updated with a unique graphic pattern interlinking the brand with the environment it was originally designed for.

Foot Locker and Timberland Revive the City

The Timberland collection focuses on bringing the outdoors into the urban landscape, encouraging the wearer to ‘take it all on’. The Split Rock, Boot and Roll Top, available in honey and chocolate brown, all feature an organic swirling laser design on both the side panels and on the tongue, adding a fresh and modern twist to the classic Timberland boot.

Foot Locker and Timberland Revive the City

Foot Locker and Timberland are supporting the initiative to revive the city by setting up an interactive online platform for city dwellers to share their favourite unique green areas and explain why they love the location.

Foot Locker and Timberland Revive the City

The site features a range of case studies showcasing projects that have been successful in regenerating urban sites. The website offers a great way to get back in touch with nature and explore the great outdoors in local urban neighbourhoods.

Foot Locker and Timberland Revive the City

The Timberland collection is another huge Foot Locker exclusive proving that when it comes to leading fashion originality, Foot Locker continues to bring style aficionados the latest and greatest from the biggest names on the planet.


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