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The Gulaschbaron

October 28th, 2008

The Gulaschbaron

The Gulaschbaron Label was founded in 2006 in Hamburg Altona by Hauke Neumann. The idea is to promote and release small series of limited edition T-Shirts, posters or whatever.

Hauke, The Gulaschbaron:

“The style I love is a mixture between all kind of asskicking, Avant-Garde DIY Style, funky-hot-as-hell, incredibly strange styled designs. I started with an online shop, but in December the Gulaschbaron opened a store in Hamburg, St.Pauli.

The Gulaschbaron

Living and working at the same place is the slogan of the little shop community conisting of Gulaschbaron, Annemamel and Ahoi Marie. It’s a creative mixture between screenprinting garage, tailor’s workroom and a place to hang out with our friends”.

“In our shop we have some additional independant brands like Yackfou, Squidfire, Owl Movement, Seibei, A better tomorrow or some prints from the artists Mateo and Johan Potma“.

The Gulaschbaron

“For the Gulaschbaron artist series we worked together with such designers like Bongout, Tanxxx, Michael DeForge, Mara Piccione, Martin Krusche or our newest release Hawl Krall.

The Gulaschbaron

Every design strictly limited.

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