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This one’s for the ladies!

November 4th, 2008

The Ryde has brought back their hugely popular 3 for $25 sale. Here’s how it works: You give them $25 and your t-shirt size. They pick 3 t-shirts of their choice for you. Whether you
like funny, artsy or surf related t-shirts The Ryde has a ton of great options. You’ll no doubt score a
few gems.

This one's for the ladies!

The Ryde has just released two new designs from artist Collin Synder. Collin’s shirts take an abstract look at the ocean and trees.

This one's for the ladies!

This one's for the ladies!

The Ryde’s “Chop” t-shirt summons the seas while the “Grow” t-shirt gives rise to the trees. As always their designs are printed on super-soft t-shirts and are available in multiple

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