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New releases at Shirtcity

November 5th, 2008

There are three excellent new releases at Shirtcity’s design competition.

new releases at Shirtcity

Everyone Can Be An Artist Kit” was designed by Aliadotony (Tony Aguero) and is an ironical statement about ominous product sets that promise you to become a pro designer without making an effort. Not included: talent, like Tony sure has.

new releases at Shirtcity

Chance Of Rain” is a design by Jeff Sheldon. He asks “Ever wonder what it’s
like to be a raindrop just waiting to fall to your doom?”

new releases at Shirtcity

And Relax is a design by the amazing Brazilian designer Draco, like Aliadotony’s it’s not his first tee for scribtee. The image really speaks for itself … Lay down on a sunny meadow and let only your imagination work.

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