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November 5th, 2008

Nonoloa is a creative platform designing clothing from urban art.


Juanjo, Nonoloa:

“We launch a new collection every 6 months building on the creations of urban artists working under Nonoloa’s art direction”.


Our artists include:

nano 4814, eltono and Nuria [Spain], last summer at the Tate Modern Urban Art Exhibition.

• Boris Hoppek: German artist living in Barcelona, creator of the bimbo sculptures.

• ipunx: dancefloor destroyers from Germany

• G.O.D. collective [Spain], founders of BELIO magazine

• Eva Solano [Spain]

• Gabriel Moreno [Spain]

and more: Steve Tsang [UK], a1one [Teheran], borraska [Spain], Boxmati [Lebanon], Tono Merinero [Spain], etc.

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