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Scribtees delivery and Obama tees

November 12th, 2008

This coming week Scribtee sends out its Shirts without any shipping costs for you. Just enter the code SCRIBTEES at the checkout.
Offer expires Nov 14 (Friday).

Scribtees delivery and Obama tees

Obama mania has not ended on the election day. Contrary to the impression that this feature, there seems to be an ongoing need for Obama shirts. On Nov 5 we experienced that a lot of orders on Obama tees were placed at Shirtcity not only from the United States but also from all over Europe.

Thus we decided that this week’s Shirt Of The Week should be an Obama tee. Classic portrait, no clever slogan, just one black design. Yeah, it’s kind of cheap (oh, did I mention it is 5$ less only this week?), but hey, that’s business.

I reckon without all these Obama tees sold the clothing industry would be a lot poorer now .. As well as Bush may have fu…, er, messed up most of the economy, but tee manufactureres surely did profit of the anti-Bush rage.

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