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Afrobeat, Argyle Rasta and d’afrique

November 13th, 2008

Afrobeat, Bernos Argyle Rata and Bernos d'afrique


Afrobeat is a term coined by Nigerian born band leader Fela Kuti. Popularized during the 1960/70s, Afrobeat encompasses musical styles from various genres. Kuti used native African harmonies and rhythms combining different elements like jazz, funk, fusion, African chant and structured them.

The rich sound echoed the political struggle not only by Africans but also by African-Americans during this period. Our aim for the Afrobeat concept was to encompass both the political struggle of blacks and the influence music plays in strain for survival.

The bernos Afrobeat is available in Cranberry Red American Apparel Shirt for $19.95!

Afrobeat, Bernos Argyle Rata and Bernos d'afrique

Argyle Rasta

Argyle pattern which consists of diamond shaped blocks against a colored background has its roots in Scotland as early as 16th century. Although the pattern has been used in fashion through the 19th century; the preppy look brought back the argyle with a vengeance in the 80’s and it’s been commercial every since.

The Rasta Argyle concept is an establishment of ‘Rastafarnism’ in popular culture. Our design with bright Rastafarian colors of red, green, and yellow is juxtaposed within the Argyle pattern.

The bernos Argyle Rasta is available in Heather Grey American Apparel Shirt for $22.95.

Afrobeat, Bernos Argyle Rata and Bernos d'afrique


Why refurbish and re-stock you might ask? The answer is simple… They got your blog comments, emails, text messages, and from some of you, your voicemail. They get it! You want d’afrique…you get d’afrique!

They are re-launching the popular shirt with bigger font and more prominent graphic. Now you can claim your roots from miles away. As stated before, d’afrique represents our portrait of life in Africa layered with the rich detail of our struggle, celebration of our roots, and our hope for unity.

The bernos d’afrique is available in Brown American Apparel Shirt for $19.95.


  • Steven

    November 13, 2008

    Love the design…very unique and reasonably priced considering the fact that they use American Apparel t-shirt! I also checked out the website and they have some great tees, my favorite is the Yellow one. I will definitely buy a few from them. Thanks for the info David

  • meskit

    December 2, 2008

    I really love their designs fantastic.!

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