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Damonk news!

December 4th, 2008

This summer marks the return of Sydney t-shirt label DAS MONK with a brave new collection, “Return to Mount Hexx”.


Collaborating with UK artist Tim Laing, DAS MONK designer Marc Hendrick has created a fictional world inspired by the apocalyptic paradise that is Mount Hexx.


Theirs is a sinister world of kaleidoscopic colours and ripples of psychedelia, of serenading Queens, of dancing flamingoes, of unimaginable euphoria. Curiosity and hypnotic dreams have led many to Mount Hexx. But all that glistens can turn cold. Those who have dared to take a glimpse and failed to conquer Mount Hexx are now sadly immortalised in its folklore, wandering its shadows aimlessly.


The most infamous tales include a strange spirit with a face made of hands, a navajo indian paralysed in a perpetual state of bliss, an impala whose skin corkscrews around its hollow body, and of course the Russian traveller whose obsession rendered him more skeleton than man.


Curiosity is the fuel of life and with “Return To Mount Hexx”, DAS MONK brings you a world far from the realm of the humble t-shirt.


This year the DAS MONK joins ‘The Grand Social’ online family alongside Chronicles of Never, Nathan Smith and MyPetSquare. All the shirts are made from 100% organic cotton and are pesticide free and eco-friendly.


Sure to further expand its loyal cult following, this collection has firmly cemented DAS MONK’s reputation as one of the hottest, most exciting t-shirt labels in the country.

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  • 10tees

    December 4, 2008

    I like the first one a lot! But they are too expensive!

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