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Garb/edge Spring 2009 ‘Retro-Futurism” preview

December 15th, 2008

Retro-Futurism” is a return to, and an enthusiasm for, the depictions of the future produced in the past, both in science fiction and in the nonfiction futurism of the time”.

Garb/edge Spring 2009 'Retro-Futurism" preview

W.”Zak” Hoke, Creative Partner, GARB/EDGE nyc :

“Brands like Perks & Mini (PAM), Sixpack France, BAPE, ADDICT, dpmhi/Maharishi, Artist like Futura, Jose Parla, Takashi Murakami and a few others were my inspiration for my Spring 2009 “Retro-Futurism” collection for GARB/EDGE. Being into architecture and a huge fan of Sci-Fi, particularly, Stanley Kubrick and George Lucas, I decided to approach the line the same way they approach their work: with imagination and passion”.

Check it out !

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