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Crywolf, spring 2009 designs

February 2nd, 2009

The time has arrived for Toronto-based independent clothing company Crywolf to unleash their Spring 2009 designs into the wild world.

Crywolf, spring 2009 designs

On February 1st the dedicated duo added 14 new shirt designs to their online store, while discontinuing most of their 2008 collection.

Part of Crywolf’s appeal is that their designs are available for a limited time and hand-printed, allowing you to sport something truly unique, covetable and collectable.

Crywolf, spring 2009 designs

Crywolf’s 2009 designs very much follow the quirky and imaginative tone of their previous collections. A werewolf sporting geeky glasses, an attack of zombie bunnies and raccoons disguised as flying bats are a few of the new whimsical creations.

Rose & Steph, Crywolf:

“The world can be a dark place, we like to keep things light-hearted” says one of the owners Stephanie, of the tone of the new designse.

Crywolf, spring 2009 designs

Although discontinued and only a few left, discontinued 2008 designs will be available at a discounted price on the website until they are sold out.

Crywolf, spring 2009 designs

Crywolf’s products are available in some retail locations in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and are quickly expanding. We only limit our carriers to one per city.

If interested in carrying Crywolf please email them.

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