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Tolky Monkys: $10/t-shirt !

February 10th, 2009

This February, Sally and Sally, the Resales twins, have decided to stay in
Tolky Monkys!

Of course, they aren´t going to fold their arms. They don´t get along with several Characters, so they are going to send them away of the warehouse.

Tolky Monkys: $10/t-shirt !

For this reason, from 3rd February till 21st of the same month, they have
literally “guillotined” the prices of some of the t-shirts and they´ve let
their prices in only 10€ each, either for boys t-shirts or girls t-shirts.

During this first week, till 12rd February, there will be 8 Characters at
10€: God of Eye, Abram, Arquimedes… and next week, till 21st, other 8
Characters will get their prices cut off.

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